GRiDD Technologies’ GNet Platform Partners with MAGIIS to Provide Transformative Solutions for the Transport-For-Hire Industry

GRiDD Technologies and MAGIIS, two leading companies in the transportation industry, are proud to announce a strategic partnership that will transform the transportation-for-hire industry by providing seamless connectivity, automation, and real-time data to transportation providers worldwide.

GNet, developed by GRiDD Technologies, is a global connectivity platform that unifies the premium chauffeured industry by simplifying connectivity to reservation systems worldwide. It is an open network connecting to the ground transportation industry’s leading dispatch systems and is currently integrated with 24+ leading technologies globally.

MAGIIS is a tech-enabled platform that offers an enterprise solution for transportation-for-hire providers, including autonomous dispatching, payment processing, driver support, and vehicle asset tracking. It also provides an omnichannel interface for transportation seekers with features like passenger support, white-label branding, and a supplier-independent ordering experience.

Together, GNet and MAGIIS will provide a fully integrated software platform that streamlines transportation providers’ reservation, dispatch, and management processes worldwide. The partnership will enable MAGIIS to extend its ecosystem and offer a seamless experience for transportation seekers on a global basis, addressing some of the pain points that providers face, such as difficulty in engagement and asset management. By bringing together the strengths of both companies, this alliance has the potential to create a more efficient and effective transportation industry for all parties involved.

The partnership between GNet and MAGIIS will allow providers to maintain their connections and partnerships even if they switch to MAGIIS from a different platform. This is important because it removes a barrier for potential providers who may be hesitant to switch platforms because they fear losing their connections and partnerships. By partnering with GNet, MAGIIS can provide this value-added service to its passengers and demonstrate its extensive network of partnerships, which will boost and empower providers worldwide.

One of the standout features of GNet is its ability to seamlessly interface with any software provider in the market to manage reservations, dispatch, changes, and much more. It provides real-time data through geolocation tools that provide vehicle location and trip status, creating on-demand service fulfillment by providers. GNet provides several benefits, including optimizing your business by arming you with a network to digitally exchange information with reservation and dispatch systems. It also provides real-time vehicle location and status updates, automatically synced on both sides of the transaction as changes occur. GNet connects to your existing business system/technology, providing hassle-free integration. Additionally, GNet is an open market platform that allows you to send or receive electronic reservations and other information via your existing business system from any other GNet network participant.


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“We’re thrilled to partner with MAGIIS, whose system is among the most sophisticated and impressive I’ve seen. To collaborate with a prestigious, established, and reputable company like MAGIIS is truly exciting for us ” – Amir Zafar, founder and CEO of GRiDD Technologies.

MAGIIS provides a marketplace network that delivers an “Always Available” experience, allowing passengers to place on-demand requests or make reservations through their preferred transportation provider. The platform also enables providers to work together to secure service delivery to their passengers through ecosystem assets sharing, improving the overall quality of service and creating a more efficient and sustainable transportation ecosystem. With the GNet partnership, transportation providers can find and connect with affiliates in different locations which are also on the GNet platform, making it easier to provide necessary transportation services to clients without having to manually find affiliates and make arrangements with them.

“We formed our partnership with GRiDD Technologies around a shared ambition to re-shape the Transportation-for-Hire Industry. Providers will compete and win in the new digital economy, powered by our combined solutions of cutting-edge technologies” – Leonardo Gannio, Founder and CEO of MAGIIS.

MAGIIS, Thursday, March 30, 2023, Press release picture

The partnership between GNet and MAGIIS represents a significant step forward in the transportation industry. Integrating these two platforms will create a new standard for connectivity, automation, and real-time data in the transport-for-hire industry. Transportation providers will be able to streamline their operations and provide better services to their passengers while also benefiting from a larger network of partnerships and affiliates. The partnership between GRiDD Technologies and MAGIIS will undoubtedly bring about transformative changes to the transportation industry, making it more efficient, sustainable, and passenger-centric.

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