MAGIIS: Collaborative Transportation Revolution Reaches Latin America

MAGIIS: Collaborative Transportation Revolution Reaches Latin America

There is an undeniable reality in recent years, thanks to the widespread use of smartphones, the increase in usability and accessibility to the Internet, and the benefits and comforts brought by applications. People’s habits and types of consumption have also changed, as well as their demands and expectations. Passengers want to be able to travel economically, safely and with flexible schedules without the need to have their own vehicle. Transportation companies must adapt to this digital transformation if they want to remain a viable alternative.

In March 2018, the MAGIIS project came into being with the desire to contribute to this development and to be part of a fundamental step towards a new era of urban transport. This endeavor seeks to bring passenger transport companies in Latin America to the same level they hold in the main cities of Europe and the United States. We are at a crucial moment in the passenger transportation market where the impact of technology will affect not only people’s daily lives but also all aspects of the transit ecosystem and its economy like we have never experienced before.

The objective of MAGIIS is to lead the digital transformation of the passenger transport market in the region, to provide the opportunity for companies and entrepreneurs to become professional, to compete aggressively against international applications and to create a virtuous cycle that allows for sustainable hypergrowth.

In the words of MAGIIS CEO Leonardo Gannio: “Our mission is to establish in Latin America the first technological platform that can offer mobility as a service to passenger transport companies. We are committed to creating economic value and opportunities in each company and in the community in which they operate, thereby solving their immediate and future challenges“.

The MAGIIS platform frees time for creativity, helps large, medium and small companies to improve productivity and significantly contributes to their competitive position by achieving an efficiency never experienced before. We also empower entrepreneurs who want to invest and provide quality work in their communities. Our very purpose for being is for the success of our clients.

Welcome to the MAGIIS experience, the collaborative transportation revolution in Latin America.