Meet the innovators at MAGIIS: shaping the transportation industry

The transportation-for-hire sector encompasses businesses offering transportation services to individuals in return for compensation. While the industry continues to evolve, it can be broadly categorized into two groups: tech-naive or service-originated transportation providers and tech-savvy providers.

Tech-naive providers have struggled in recent years due to difficulties in hiring, limited availability, and outdated payment and operational methods. In contrast, tech-savvy providers have experienced significant growth due to ease of hiring, availability, and the easy payment methods they provide.

Tech-naive providers face challenges due to their reliance on outdated methods for reserving and hailing rides. This often results in frustration for clients, a lack of available vehicles, and limitations on growth due to costly infrastructure. Therefore, technology integration is necessary for the industry to remain competitive.

MAGIIS is a tech-enabled platform designed to address these challenges. The platform provides an enterprise solution for fleet operators, including autonomous dispatching, payment processing, driver support, and vehicle asset tracking. Additionally, it provides a white-labeled omnichannel interface for transportation seekers to simplify the vehicle hiring process, with features such as customer support, white-label branding, and a supplier-agnostic ordering experience.

MAGIIS is dedicated to overcoming client frustration, loss of customers due to a lack of inventory, and restricted growth due to costly infrastructure. To achieve this, MAGIIS streamlines payment and pricing processes, enhances dispatch and driver support, and integrates performance analytics. With a focus on supplier collaboration for inventory and revenue sharing, MAGIIS aims to deliver a distinctive customer experience and ensure an always-available service.

With his passion for innovation and commitment to driving change, Leonardo Claudio Gannio has the necessary skills and experience to lead MAGIIS in its mission to revolutionize the transportation-for-hire industry.

This visionary CEO of MAGIIS has a proven track record of successful leadership and an unrivaled history of growing startups to new heights. With years of experience in the technology industry and a wealth of knowledge about the transportation-for-hire market, Leonardo is the perfect leader to bring MAGIIS to the forefront of innovation and growth.

Before taking on the role of CEO at MAGIIS, Leonardo was the founder and CEO of AKTIO, a company he led to $500 million in revenue and a successful acquisition by a Fortune 100 company. In addition, he has held executive positions at multinational companies such as Oracle Peoplesoft, Informix Software, Lexmark, and Ingram Micro. His expertise in the technology industry and entrepreneurial spirit have made him a respected figure in the business world.

With a degree in Industrial Engineering, Leonardo is well-equipped to lead the charge at MAGIIS. He is passionate about revolutionizing the transportation-for-hire industry and is dedicated to providing customers with the best possible experience. Under his leadership, MAGIIS is poised for exponential growth and success.

Along with Leonardo Gannio’s experience and expertise, the team at MAGIIS is comprised of industry veterans and innovative thinkers dedicated to revolutionizing the transportation-for-hire industry.

Gustavo Sagasti is the CTO of the company and has previous experience as the CIO for a leading retail drugstore chain in South America. He was responsible for overseeing the creation of an in-house platform for comprehensive building, automation, and asset management.

The company’s COO, Ignacio Rojas, is a seasoned executive with extensive experience in Partners, Channels & Alliances Management across the Americas. He has previously held positions as Vice President of Sales for Kyocera and Vice President/Executive Managing Director for Ingram Micro.

With a combination of technical know-how and business acumen, the team at MAGIIS works to bring the best products and services to their clients. With a culture of collaboration and an unwavering commitment to excellence, they are well-positioned to continue changing the landscape of the transportation-for-hire industry. For more information on MAGIIS or their team, visit their website at

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