MAGIIS (Passenger and Driver) users have ability to set or update preferences for location, sharing and receiving notifications. Information about, how to set or change them and what if they are disabled, is provided below.

• Location data

The MAGIIS Applications use the Location Services from users’ devices (Customers or Drivers). The use of this is always, including in the background or with the application closed. Our Services need this data to work correctly, providing precision in the trips managed through our platform.
Users can allow or prevent that MAGIIS Applications collect location data from their mobile devices through their mobile device settings.
Users who allowed their mobile device location data to be collected can also authorize MAGIIS to share it with the Transfer Company and Driver when requesting a ride. It is necessary to start a trip and management it.

• Notifications: Account and travel updates

MAGIIS sends notifications to users about the status of the trip and updates from their accounts. These notices are necessary for our applications to work properly. Disabling them causes malfunction to applications. However, users can allow, prevent or modify the method which notifications are received through their mobile device settings.

• Access permissions to device resources

Most mobile device platforms (iOS, Android, etc.) have defined different types of permissions to resources that MAGIIS applications cannot access without owner authorization. Each platform has different methods to validate these accesses:

On iOS devices, users are notified when applications request permission to access at first time certain types of data and have the option to grant or deny it.

On Android devices, they will be notified about what permissions the apps need before they use it for the first time, and use of the app will constitute such consent.