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Fleet management. Customer experience. Driver/dispatch efficiency. We’re here to help you stay on top of them all and everything that comes with them.

Car hire services

Optimize your passenger pickups and dispatch routines

Limo services

Offer simpler, more convenient scheduling options to your valued clients

Tourism providers

Expand your reach for seasonal needs, unexpected spikes in traffic, and more

How it works

White Label Platform for Mobility Companies. Fully integrated and ready to roll

And offers the opportunity to scale, on demand

Grow your network. Grow your fleet. Grow your operation. At MAGIIS, we’re ready to support you through every phase of your company, and we’re thrilled to help our customers thrive.

We are a white label solution: a tool designed by us but presented to your drivers, customers, dispatchers, and other users with your own branding.


Partners to help you grow, our affordable Pay per Use pricing releases your capital to be invested in new customer acquisition, loyalty programs, and much more. No monthly fixed fees or hidden maintenance costs.

Booking & Dispatch

Manual or autonomous

World Class business practices

100% automated

Your company on the cloud

Robust technology unleashing your time to focus on your core business

Plus competitive rates and pricing models.
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Take your business from regional to countrywide

Increase Productivity

Focused on state-of-the-art automation your operational costs will be significantly reduced while your revenue will skyrocket

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Configure your rates and onboard users, vehicles, and licenses within the platform.

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